dEEVOir information technology, often referred to as DIT is a child company of dEEVOir which has 11 more child companies associated with it.

As the name suggests, dEEVOir information technology are IT managed service providers. Out of all the companies working under the banner of dEEVOir, DIT could be named as one of the most influential and impressive company.

The aim of the company is to provide IT support and maintenance services to their clients in the most appropriate and practical manner. We do not just work on providing technical services, but rather we wish to be able to give technical assistance and support to our client whenever we can.

We, at DIT aren’t just about initiating of establishing a network. Unlike other IT managed service providers in the market, we take our responsibility seriously and go a step ahead to make your experience merrier. We aim at providing services that turn out to be beneficial and efficient for a longer span rather than just implementing a short term fix.

Right from initiating the process of providing technical services to your work place to actually taking care of the IT department as a whole, our team at dEEVOir is accustomed to all the technical needs of our clients.

Our team constitutes of individuals who are expert and certified and thus are the best people to take advice and services from. Our motto is to guide you about what your needs are and then fulfilling those needs through our talented and well established team.


As far as IT managed support services are concerned, our team at DIT is capable of handling all of it. You may name an IT related service and we shall have a solution for it.

Since our establishment, the goal of our company has been to be a wholesome and complete provider. The ideology of the firm has always been to be able to manage and assist all your IT needs under one roof to insure a chaos free experience.

Often you come across situations where one company isn’t capable of dealing with all your needs and you might end up dealing with various different firms for various needs. Our team at dEEVOir information technology realized how important this was a curated the company in a way that every need could be attended without issues.

We have managed to establish a reputed name of our brand in the field of IT service providers and that has only been possible through the positive and encouraging feedback that we have received from our clients throughout these years.

We are proud to proclaim that our clients have always looked up on us and have never been disappointed. Our duty as an information technology firm would be continue our good work and manage consistent quality in the services we provide.

Our team at dEEVOir is constantly working on making the functioning and services of our company even better and even more satisfactory and with every passing month we manage to make more and more of our clients happy with out services.

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A child company of the very well known company and a brand in itself, dEEVOir, dEEVOir information technology is one of the most valued and operational company under the firms name.

Post Mr. Aajay Bundela established dEEVOir as a management consultancy, he started to look for some more challenges.

The management consultancy was doing great and everything was working out well. But being the visionary man that he is, Mr. Bundela thought it was time to expand the companies horizons and take it further.

While running the consultancy, he sure knew the value of information technology in the functioning of any company. The era that we live in does not allow us to complete any of our tasks without having proper technology at our hand.

Realizing this, he came up with the idea of a company that provides IT support and maintenance services all under one roof. This is how dEEVOir information technology came into existence.

Since then DIT has been a leading name in the list of IT managed service providers all over Mumbai. It is different from its contemporaries in various ways. There are several facilities that our expert team at DIT offers you, that no other IT provider does.

This has been the reason why we have a dedicated client base that trusts us and has been associated with dEEVOir information technology for several years now. Our motto at dEEVOir is to provide nothing but the best services to our clients. We wish to have a long term relationship with our clients that we maintain through delivering excellence and sheer brilliance.

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IT Policy Setup

Often policies can really be a straining and tedious task to manage and a company would not want to get into such time consuming processes. In such cases, the company might need expert advice regarding the regulation of the IT policy of a particular company. Our team is full of experts and knows exactly what policy would work for different types of organizations and thus they managed to set up a proper policy when required.

Deploying IT Engineer at site

When you require information technology support services, you might have to connect to a service provider. However, mostly these service providers only send in technical staff for setting up. If you need any additional and professional assistance, you might have to connect to and call in a certified IT engineer separately. Our team at DIT solves this issue and actually send in qualified and experienced IT engineer on the site if there is a requirement.

IT Infrastructure Setup

Just having technical glitches sorted out while setting a new system up is not enough. One more very important aspect of the whole setup process is the infrastructure. Your infrastructure should be compatible and supportive of any IT implications and thus we also help you sort that problem out. We make your that the infrastructure is supportive and the IT setup can work with utter flare. We at dEEVOir are well aware of what needs to be done and does the needful.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Normally providers would charge you additional for IT maintenance services but that is not the case with out firm. Companies might provide services but do not aim at long term satisfaction of the clients. We do not want to be like all the other providers. Thus, our team at dEEVOir has come up with a unique and useful program through which we make a annual maintenance contract. Through the contract, we look after all the maintenance that your IT department need throughout a given year.


We look after the process of actually the acquirement of any sort of permissions if required. We also make sure we have all the necessary equipment at our disposal before we start setting up a system. The reason for providing procurement service is to take away the clients burden as much as we can. When we talk about delivery best quality services, we actually mean it.

Network Management Setup

Your company or organization may be a very dynamic one and probably has various parts to it. In such cases, having a common network for all purposes is not as professional. Thus, is it very important to have a network setup in a way that every part of the organization runs with ease. This is where dEEVOir comes into picture. We have an expert team that deals with IT network services to insure that it is appropriately setup and managed.

Enterprise Solution

As we have mentioned, we look at the organizations with rather wholesome and complete perspective. Thus, under our services, we have a plan specially curated for enterprises. Enterprise solution is a way through which the enterprise can analyze their drawbacks and shortcomings in the IT department and then we work on those flaws to make your IT functioning as perfect as it could be. Basically it is a more fulfilling plan that generally works great for bigger enterprises.

Wireless Solutions

The header says it all. Wireless solutions are a part of every organization in the market today and it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that no firm can work without having a properly maintained wireless system. Wireless systems are quick, convenient and strong. They are probably the saviors of any firm. We at dEEVOir are experts when it comes to wireless systems and make sure you sign up for a package that is appropriate for you.


Security Solution

When one sets ups such a massive IT system, it is obvious that they also have to maintain the security and safety of that system. Many providers may not provide you with this service and you would have to hunt another service provider solely for this purpose. But dEEVOir provides the best network security solutions for your firm. Through our plan and setup by experts, you would never have to worry about they safety or security of your system.

Domain Purchase & Renewal

If we are not mistaking, online presence has become one of the most factor for the success of any organization and it can not be overlooked. Understanding the current scenarios and realizing the importance of having a website or domain, have this service under our company. Purchase and renewal of domains can be very tiring job. Do not worry, because we have taken it upon us to make sure you get the best possible domain according to your firms name and that the domain is renewed and updated properly.


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